Wives of celebrities who became victims of maniacs

Wives of celebrities who became victims of maniacs

Not only celebrities themselves, but also their relatives suffer from the persecution of maniacs. There are many such cases in history, but among them there are those that deserve close attention.

Sharon Tate, wife of Roman Polanski

The wife of director Roman Polanski, whos biography we’ve read on Zoomboola, was killed by the “family” (members of the sect) Charles Manson.

This happened on August 9, 1969. The day before the tragedy, Sharon’s husband called to say that he would have to stay a few days. After the actress called her sister and offered to meet at her house. But she refused.

On the evening of August 8, she and 3 friends went to a restaurant. After dinner, they settled in the house of the actress. At night, members of the Manson sect snuck into the dwelling, and killed everyone who was in it. The bodies of the dead were found by a servant who came in the morning, who immediately called the police. Then the body of another person was discovered is Steven Earl Parent, who is supposed to be a casual victim.

Ashton Kutcher’s Girlfriend

Ashley Ellerin is a former girlfriend of the talented actor Ashton Kutcher, who died at the hands of a maniac in 2001.  About the event spoke for a long time, because the police for a long time could not find the killer.

First, the police suspected of killing the actor. Maniac severely beat the unfortunate, and then finished off, almost completely smashing her head.

Initially, the investigation had a version that the girl was killed by Kutcher himself. But she was quickly denied as impossible.

Maniac managed to catch a few years ago. As it was found out, Ashley was his first victim, after which he committed a number of brutal murders.

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