The celebrities who were in prison

The celebrities who were in prison

No one can be fully protected from prison. And this is also related to the stars. Those who are successful and wealthy now, for a variety of misdeeds a few years ago were among the prisoners.

Mark Wahlberg

Undoubtedly, the talent of this man deserves admiration, but in adolescence the guy was seriously into racism. And he not only supported this idea, but he also he showed his passions in life. His first loud affair was the beating of the children of African Americans who lived nearby (that time the boy was registered with the police). And after a few years, Mark did a terrible thing. He attacked a Vietnamese citizen and beat him with a stick, as a result that guy lost his eyes, and Wahlberg appeared in prison.

Phil Lewis

The actor was drunk and started to drive, exceeding all standards and speed limits. As a result, Phil caused the fatal accident, in which died a 21-year-old girl. The court sentenced Lewis to 5 years in prison, but the actor managed to free himself after a year — the reason for the amnesty was his active participation in the theatrical life of prison.

Tim Allen

In 1978, Tim Allen was taken by cops in the airport with 650 g of white powder, cocaine. Such large amount of strong narcotic substance could lead Allen to life imprisonment, but he began to cooperate and agreed to provide the police with true information about his accomplices. As a result, the sentence was significantly reduced — 5 years in prison. Allen assures that comedian talent woke up in him during his time in prison, and thus it has saved his life.

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