The celebrities, who had to work at a thankless job

The celebrities, who had to work at a thankless job

When you look at the celebrities, you think they were born famous. But some of them had to work hard enough on thankless jobs to make ends meet or to help the family.

Jim Carrey – dropped out from school to work as a street cleaner

The world-famous comedian dropped out of school at the age of 15. His mother was seriously ill, his father lost his job, so the family was in dire need of money.

The first time he worked as a street cleaner. His acting talent was noticed only after many years.

Jim Carrey was a street cleaner


Sylvester Stallone – cage cleaner

Now, it may be hard to imagine, but the star of popular action movies worked as a cage cleaner before starting an acting career. Slightly mitigates the situation that Stallone has been entrusted to the dwelling of the lions.

Sly Stallone was a cage cleaner


Jay-Z – drug dealer

Jay-Z’s work before gaining popularity is not so much ungrateful as unpleasant for decent people. Before to make a career in rapping, he was selling crack.

Jay-Z was a drug-dealer

Whoopi Goldberg – make-up artist to the deceased

High-quality makeup is needed not only for actors but also for the dead. And before becoming famous Whoopi Goldberg has long been an employee of the funeral home. Her job was to make the faces of the dead look fresher, to make them look good in the coffin.

Whoopie Goldberg was a makeup-artist


Brad Pitt – promoter in a chicken costume

Handsome Brad Pitt. Now it is absolutely impossible to imagine that this actor once walked down the street in a suit of yellow chicken. In such a way, he drew attention to the diner El Pollo Loco (translated from Spanish: «Crazy chicken»).

Brad Pitt was a promouter in a chicken costume

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