The celebrities who are the rescuers

The celebrities who are the rescuers

Some celebrities have been a lifeguard for a once not only in the movie, but in real life. Here are those brave souls.

Pierce shouted: “Get out of the way!” then went over to the car, jerked the car door and managed to hit the brakes with force. As a result of the actions of the man, no one was hurt. But Pierce didn’t get an appreciation of his spouse Uma, because could not restrain her tease him, and said: “You still can’t forget the image of 007”!

Although salvation was provided by not only heroic, desperate acts. Sometimes it was quite enough to simply show attention and care.

For example, if in the War of the Worlds Z Brad Pitt didn’t pay attention to the fact that one of the girls has fallen, she really could die. The reason could be more than 700 people in the crowd scene who took part in the filming of the mass run of people from the army of mad zombies, could easily trample the actress. Pitt did not lose his head and shouted: “Stop the camera!” And immediately rushed to the rescue. As a result, the participant of the crowd scene just got off with a slight fright. An injury of the knee joint is not counted.

A similar situation occurred on the set of Iron Man. Robert Downey Jr. accidentally noticed that during the filming of one of the episodes, the actor fell to the ground and cried for help. Downey stopped shooting and went to the victim. As it turned out, one of the robots crushed the leg of this guy. If the actor didn’t notice that, in a few minutes the victim would have been no longer saved.

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