Stars who had to wear a wig

Stars who had to wear a wig

For an attractive image you need beautiful hair. But some actors have problems with hair, and someone has no hair on their heads. And because of this, they had to appear in public in a wig.

Sean Connery wore a James Bond movie wig

An interesting fact from the life we read on Zoomboola – Sean Connery began to go bald at the age of 21. This did not interfere with his role in contemporary films, but for the filming of James Bond he had to wear a wig.

At first, they didn’t want to take him for the role of “agent 007”, but the film’s producer insisted on taking Sean. And the movie has gained huge success.


Michael Jackson wore a wig since 1984

On the shooting of the famous Pepsi commercial, the planned explosion occurred too soon. The flames spread to the singer’s hair. Fascinated by the process of filming, Michael did not immediately notice that his hair was burning. The flame was extinguished only when the film crew ran up to the singer.

Jackson received second degree burns. The fire damaged the hair follicles, due to which the hair stopped growing. As a result, Michael had to wear a wig for the rest of his life.

Naomi Campbell changes her hair every day

Anyone who watches the life of Hollywood stars knows that Naomi Campbell wears wigs. The reason is not that she really wants to change her image often, but the impossibility of growing her hair.

This, of course, is a tragedy. But still in the presence of baldness has its advantages, you can change the hairstyle every day, not sitting for many hours in the chair of the stylist.

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