Namesakes of the celebrities

Namesakes of the celebrities

Of course, we are used to the fact that most of the people around us respond to the name of Katya, Masha, Sasha, Pasha, but in the United States and in Europe there are much more names. But for the parents of these stars the Western variety of names was clearly not enough. So they decided to make their children famous from birth.

Holly Berry is not only the name of a great star, but also the name of the store.

The parents decided to give a name to the girl, born in the family of an African American, in honor of the Halle’s Department Store supermarket located close to them. The store itself was absolutely unremarkable, and it offered its consumers goods at relatively affordable prices. So, the store was quite suitable for the parents of the future actress. At first, nobody particularly paid attention to the strangeness, because not everyone even caught the interrelation of names. However, after the star managed to gain the World fame, the supermarket, in honor of which the future star was named, became the most real state museum! And no even need to say that before this for a long time the sellers had a huge flow of the buyers.

DiCaprio — a tribute to the great Leonardo

Leo’s mother was Italian. And when she was pregnant and carried the future actor under her heart, she admired the works of art, written by the great creator of the Renaissance. No wonder that she made an unequivocal decision to name her only son in honor of this great man. The ship will float the way you call it. Many people say that the soul of the great creator moved in the young Leo, because the actor managed to achieve tremendous success, being at a young age and without any protege behind him!

By the way, the name Leonardo is not so much original, and in fact it is just the Italian version of the Greek (Byzantine) name Leonid.