Celebrities ashamed of their fame

Celebrities ashamed of their fame

Daniel Radcliffe

One would think he should have gotten accustomed to his world fame after starring in the Harry Potter films as a child. His popularity surged, Radcliffe has never enjoyed it. Journalists and paparazzi were constantly wandering near his house, waiting for a chance to snap a picture of him. According to Zoomboola, after that the actor made a brilliant move: for an entire months, he left the house wearing the exact same outfit. Thus, the paparazzi were unable to get pictures that would look new, and Daniel finally managed to get rid of their annoying presence.

Johnny Depp

The actor does enjoy the benefits of his fame. However, he admits there are many drawbacks to his popularity that complicate his life. Sometimes he has to hide from the paparazzi, as he’s never gotten used to being popular. To go somewhere, he needs to plan in advance how he’s going to get in and out. A family trip to the park or Disney Land is hell for him, as he becomes the object of everyone’s attention. But the actor tries to reassure himself by the fact he’s made a lot of money on his popularity, thanks to which he can live a high life.

Zach Galifianakis

The comedian wishes that after a day at work he could go home without catching the attention of journalists and fans. But his popularity is what stands between him and this little dream. The comedian is constantly in the spotlight, one would expect him to be used to all the attention. But that’s just not true in Zack’s case.

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