Ignorant celebrities

Ignorant celebrities

Christina Aguilera

This celebrity’s statements can raise a few eyebrows. According to Zoomboola, once she asked where the Cannes Film Festival was going to take place. The journalists were shocked. If anything, one would totally expect her to be aware of the fact the film festival has always been held at the Palais des Festivals et des Congrès, ever since 1946. After all, how could she not know this, having been in Cannes more than once?

Victoria Beckham

This celebrity is a fashion designer and singer married to football player David Beckham. Who’d have thought Victoria has no clue about the rules of such a popular game as football (soccer). “What is the point of this game?” Victoria asks. We can only guess why her husband does not share his successes with her, and why she has no interest in his professional life.

Britney Spears

The singer is obviously not great at geography. It would be excusable if she was not sure about the location of small countries… But no, she’s clueless about entire continents! She once asked: “Where the hell is this Australia?” The singer is constantly on international tours, and her career has surely given her many opportunities to remember where most countries are situated. But Spears even goes from the USA to Canada by sea, although these countries share a vast land border.


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