Hollywood Beardy-Faces Without Beard

Hollywood Beardy-Faces Without Beard

Beard, how much is in this word! It’s not clear exactly, what do men need beard for, but the fact that it can add charm or hide disadvantages is certain. Many Hollywood actors have opted for facial hair long time ago, and some fans even forgot about their appearance without designer stubble.

Zach Galifianakis

Perhaps Zach Galifianakis couldn’t become a world star if not his beard. According to Zoomboola, it’s just impossible to recognize funny fat-guts from a pep comedy “The Hangover” without his luxurious beard!

Jared Leto

Female fans can forgive this actor literally for everything. Jared can easily gain extra weight, then the same way he slims down for the new role. The star first grows the beard, then shows impeccable smoothness of his cheeks and chin. But with bare face Jared and his handsomeness gain really youthful shining.

Kit Harington

Bold experiments with his appearance Kit Harington, like many other residents of Hollywood luxury, makes regularly. The look of so young and defenceless John Snow’s face really shocked actor’s fans. Probably, Kit is aware that facial hair gives him masculinity and certain brutal charm. That’s why in daily life he prefers to wear a trim beard.

Jamie Dornan

If someone sees the photos of “50 Shades of Grey” star, he can only sigh with sadness. Jamie Dornan looks much younger and more sexual without his facial hair. But the actor himself probably likes neat sandy beard that gives him aristocratic aura.

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