How To Learn SEO Consulting with *Internet Consulting Secrets*

How To Learn SEO Consulting with *Internet Consulting Secrets*

Start your very own Internet consulting firm and bring local business’s back to life!

Should you learn Internet Consulting Secrets?

Well, if you have been in the Internet Marketing niche for any length of time I am sure you have become aware of things that work, do not work, and will never work right?  So what do you do with all this knowledge you now have other than frustratingly put up site after site of Amazon products that convert a whopping 4% or push Clickbank products that only have a certain shelf life?  No the mention the “cookie wars” when dealing with those huge product launches.

The ticket to real income and more lucrative income is being ion business for yourself, an entrepreneur if ya will.  Affiliate marketing can bring in good money, but you must always be on top of things and competing with others in your niche.  Time to put one more egg in your basket of income streams by learning Internet SEO consulting.  Not an expert at SEO, then check out Bring The Fresh and become one.

A true die hard business man of the net and SEO expert, Tom Mulkern has developed a study course to help you gain the knowledge of all the aspects of starting your own consulting business including knowing what to charge, contracts, how to get clients, outsourcing, etc.  Battling the search engines by yourself is one thing, but to do it for your clients?  We are talking real business with real money, BIG money.

Time to go old school and prove your value, once you do that with a few clients you will have so much work you will be looking to hire more help.  However in today’s age, you outsource it!  Tom will show you how to do that and give you the proper contacts and channels to achieve this at a very low rate.

Internet Consulting Secrets

Take for instance a local flower shop in your town, you revamp their website (if they have one) and create an online presence they only could have dreamed of. Hey, a job well done!  Well guess what?  They more than likely know of other business owners who could use your help too, thus comes a great referral and many more to come after that.  Do not assume they know what they are doing on line, most do not because they are in an entirely different business.
We are talking small to medium size businesses here, one you get a good solid reputation then you can move up to big corporations and charge the moon.

Internet marketing guru Frank Kern charges 100 grand for his “consulting” because of his reputation, no reason you can’t do the same.  And the so called SEO businesses out there are usually overpriced and flat out stink!  I’m sure you know some horror stories.

Besides, targeting keywords for local business is easy as there is virtually no competition.  Local SEO is pretty easy to shoot for, get in while it is still easy!  As a home study course with audio & video Step-By-Step Tutorials and a free 30 minute consultation with Tom himself, Internet Consulting Secrets is “college in a download” for real.
I could go on and on but there is so much more information to learn… So if you looking to expand your Internet Marketing portfolio (as you should be) and want to help local business then go to the link below and find out more information.

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